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Residential Air Conditioning

As a general rule home owners think of air conditioning as the condensing (outdoor) unit and Air Handler (Indoor) Unit, but in reality air conditioning is a complex system of interacting variables, like air flow, moisture flow, building insulation and tightness as well as duct distribution, insulation and tightness, in conjunction with the mechanical equipment.

As houses get tighter it is more difficult to introduce fresh air and release pollution. The introduction of hundreds of thousands of new chemical compounds, materials and products developed to satisfy our consumer demand has increased the interior pollutant sources. This combined with the lack of air changes, diminishes the dilution of moisture and interior pollutants. As professionals we will focus on your Air Conditioning system as a whole. We will investigate, design and repair any problem related to humidity, condensation as well as your mechanical equipment.

While most manufacturers save production costs, they fail to deliver the expected quality on their equipment’s. This is called “Planned obsolescence”. For example, most residential air conditioners come with minimal safety protections. This adds more problems to the efficient operation of the system and that will wreak havoc on your wallet.

What can you do to prevent this nightmare?

A comprehensive maintenance program coupled with the installation of appropriate safety controls will help prevent most failures.

We’ll provide periodic air conditioning maintenance and add the necessary safety devices to extend the life of your system, lower utility bills and avoid breakdowns.

Our Energy Savings Maintenance Plan offers a complete 18 point precision Tune-Up. We can provide this service for as little as $150.00 per year per system.


Our 18 point Checkup in details includes:

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